What people don't tell you

Why has this person not responded to my call or email? Why did the hiring manager never let me know if I got the job? Why did this person ghost on me?

Here is a list of reasons you weren't privileged to see:

-I owed a favor to someone and I gave them the opportunity. 

-I didn't see any direct experience so I deleted your resume.

-I forwarded it to someone else who isn't as insightful as I am and I don't have the time to deal with this directly. 

-You followed up with me too much with no new or interesting information and you became a pest.

-The person above me is cutting the budget, we are about to go underwater but I don't have the authority to divulge that information to you.

-You don't look or sound like me.

-I don't understand your value.

Use this insight to keep moving forward. Where you create momentum is where opportunity lies.