The Third Door

I remember at SXSW Music Week 2012 I was a music business student and was underage. I was working on becoming the Concert Director at Syracuse University, making connections with music agents and getting an internship. The only problem was that everything was 21+. Going to all age showcases was not an option. Instead I had to sneak in backdoors, pay off people and talk my way through security lines.

I accomplished all three of those things. Had I settled for what I was allowed to do I wouldn't of had the opportunities I had years later. 

Julie Pilat has an incredible podcast titled the Idea Fountain where she interviews inspiring people that have rejected conformity. Her latest episode features author, Alex Banayan of The Third Door - who shares intimate details of how persistence and preparation led to mentorship by Larry King among many others. Highly recommend you subscribing here to this insightful podcast!

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