Why I am reverse engineering my career

No one is a genius all the time. The people at the top of our industries aren't there because they were born with it, they just played the cards they were dealt smarter then the next person.

I looked at my role models and broke down their careers into tangible pieces. There were keystone habits these people had that led them to continued success. By putting their core attributes into my own life- I will be able to achieve similar, if not greater results.

For me personally there were three defining pieces I found:

-Those who are curious and seek out advice/assistance will always beat those who don't seek or ask.

-Those whose closest relationships are with the creatives and/or are the creative- hold the power. Artificial intelligence will take over most jobs but artistry is irreplaceable.

-No one is going to find and save you. You have to choose and bet on yourself.

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