Political maneuvering

From my experiences and hundreds of stories from friends here are a few things to remember when you are dealing with politics.

-Association with certain people can hurt or help your cause. So much so that is can cost you a gig, client or deal. On the flip side you can gain a gig, client or deal. You will win and lose at this throughout your career. Accept this and move on.

-Every time words leave your mouth it is no longer confidential. Be comfortable with knowing that what you say will get out in one way, shape or form.

-Most people judge you based on your appearance. People will get opportunities because they dress and walk the talk. Even if you've put in more hours, these people will beat you- at least in the short term.

-You can break through to most people by killing them with kindness. This won't work on everyone but it's a good way to live life in general. No one has time for mean people.

Remember that politics are a game. Don't actively play it but be aware that it exists. It will empower you to find the confidence you need to move forward and succeed.

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