My 67% Rule

During my first triathlon training cycle I only swam three times. I focused on my strengths, running and biking.

Come race day we stood in waves separated by age and gender. I found a colleague of mine in the bracket and decided she was the person I would compete against.

The swim was miserable. It was in the cold waters of Malibu where I used the doggie paddle stroke and was passed by a majority of the senior division.

After thirty-five minutes of drudgery I got on my bike passing people the entirety of the ride. Around mile thirteen I caught up with my friend. I pedaled harder. Transitioning into the run portion I was certain she’d be on my tail. I pushed my threshold.

I finished the race in just over three hours and then found out that she had ten more minutes to go.

I was 67% prepared for the race yet my competitive edge set me apart.

Lesson learned. Double down on your edge.

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