Finding the answer in Why

Seeing the end result of a #1 billboard charting artist, billionaire CEO or service that changes the way consumers buy goods/services is inspiring.

Often times these people and companies now have more fans, employment applicants and demand than ever before. The flock of birds go there believing that if they can be surrounded by these people they too will become that. I will argue that 99% of the time this doesn't work.

It is the 'Why' behind these stories that need to be studied and adhered to. Why did the artists P!nk and Eminem become mega superstars? Because during their climb to the top they pushed against the status quo. So much so that there are people who hate their guts, and people who are considered 'Stan' fans.

If I'm not making people angry or obsessive with my work…I'm not doing enough. 

For my Eminem & P!nk Stans' check out their latest musical collaboration below.

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