Long Game vs Short Game

Someone made a comment along the lines of ‘I need to be more flirty with creatives, it would help to advance my relationships with them.’ This person doesn’t understand my personal brand, and how much this is not a part of how I operate.

It got me thinking of ways to ‘get ahead,’ that don’t include much effort, perseverance or personal development.

1-Drugs/Alcohol as a way to induce a bond.

2-Using sexuality as a way to force a bond.

3-Blackmailing/rumors to gain an advantage over a competitor.

The above scenarios are effective in the short term, but if you look at the top folks in our industry their actions are quite the contrary.

Three ideas to consider as an alternative:

1-Listening, and observing others actions. People often reveal themselves if you are actively paying attention.

2-Connecting people who need to know each other. They will always remember your part in it.

3-Helping others achieve their goals. It will almost always come back ten-fold.

Play the long game.