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An entrepreneurial minded entertainment business professional.

From the age of 13, Kelly started booking benefits concerts for To Write Love on Her Arms at her local church gym. Parlayed into a passion for the music business, Benini is a graduate of the Martin Bandier Program at Syracuse University. During her time there she became the Director of Concerts for the University's programming board, University Union. With a $750,000+ yearly budget, 25,000+ yearly tickets sold, and a team of 100+ staff members; Benini is a leader, mentor, salesmen and has developed a distinctive eye for music and human talent.

Upon graduation, Benini aimed for the top entertainment company in the world, Creative Artist Agency. With her eyes set on becoming an agent, she worked for the #1 music agent in the space, Rob Light. Learning from the best of the best, she's had the opportunity to work on world renowned client teams of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, among many others. 

Benini wanted to use the tools she had acquired over the previous 12 years of experience to build her own venture. Leading to the formation of her next endeavor, Pivot Artist Management, where she focused on developing artists at the ground level. Benini has helped musicians amass millions of streams across various media platforms in this role.

In a formative stream of events, Benini stumbled upon a great opportunity to work as a Creative Director to an emerging label and publishing company, Altadena, which has offices in Los Angeles and Nashville.

Stay afloat with Benini's thoughts and ideas through her daily blog.

With that, the Journey has just begun....

Lets find a way to create something together- my contact information is below.